Massage to the trapezius muscle reflex zone Pausing along the spinal reflex zone encourages release of tension Massage of sinus reflex zone can relieve headaches Calming circular motions at cranial nerve reflex zone Sinking into small intestine reflex zone Pituitary gland and pineal gland connection Tuning into a cranial nerve reflex zone to help calm brain Tuning into the respiratory diaphragm to help quiet and clear Supporting the big toe (brain)and offering a calm/soothing presence Following the small intestine reflex zone to give it support Tuning into the reflex zone of the pelvic crest Tuning into restriction in kidney reflex zone Following releases as they occur in jaw reflex zone Looking for releases in sinus reflex zone Tuning into left arm reflex zone Being present with hand, foot, elbow zone Encouraging general circulation Massage of circulation reflex zone and intentioning release of tissue